Celebrate Speed: Sharp’s Sports Car Special

Summer is Here. The open road beckons. Speed is freedom. Celebrate with these three sports cars.

The Mercedes AMG GT: Goodbye Gullwing, Hello Sexy.

If we’re being honest, the gullwing doors on the now-discontinued SLS AMG were kind of a pain. Opening vertically, they were beautiful and different and cool, but not the most practical. Not to mention the fact those up-swinging doors necessitated explosive bolts—as you’d find on a fighter jet’s cockpit—because if the car flipped over (god forbid) you’d need to be able to blow the doors off.

The replacement for the SLS AMG, dubbed AMG GT, has done away with the gullwing doors, and other excesses, with a view to making it easier to live with—but you’d never guess by glancing at it. The new AMG GT is one of the most beautiful shapes on the road. Pictures don’t do it justice. Standing next to it, the GT is sleek and thin and curvaceous, like a sea-worn pebble with a V8 engine.

Ah yes, that V8. Another masterpiece from AMG. It’s a twin-turbo 4.0-litre engine that puts 510 horsepower to the rear wheels. The new car is much lighter than the old SLS too, which means it’s sharp enough to scare a Porsche 911 on a twisty mountain road.

And yet the AMG GT also has a generous trunk, a ride you could live with every day, an affordable price and an ease of ingress and egress impossible in its predecessor. No need for exploding bolts here.