5 Minutes With Kyle Lowry

Basketball players have always been harbingers of style. Ever since Michael Jordan stepped onto the court rocking the banned red-and-black kicks that effectively birthed modern street style, brands have flocked to hoops stars for cosigns and collaborations.

Iconic Canadian clothier Roots recently teamed up with Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry for a Toronto-inspired collection. At the launch for the Roots x Kyle Lowry Collection, Lowry participated in a Q&A about his team’s city (favourite restaurant: Sotto Sotto), obliged everyone who asked for a photo or autograph, and sat down with SHARP to talk shop about style.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Roots?

Roots is a company based out of Toronto and everything is made here at home. They’re like family, and I’m a big family guy.

What was your favourite part about designing this collection?

Being able to work with [head designer] Adrian Aitcheson and actually having a say in what I wanted to do. It’s rare that you are able to find the kind of guy who can put your creative thoughts on paper and make it real life.






Adelaide t-shirt


Scollard LS t-shirt


Palmerson hand-knit sweater


Mowat polartec sweatpants


Market toque


Mowat Polartec F/Z hoodie


What is one style accessory you cannot live without?

Sweaters. That’s why I had to have one in my collection and why it’s my favourite piece. You need one in your closet.

Why do you think basketball players are always considered the best dressed athletes?

That’s right! Have you ever seen how Russell WestBrook dresses? He’s a great dresser, same with Kevin Durant. We, as a group, really take pride in how we look. But at the same time, we have fun with it. We like to get dressed up. It’s a cool thing to show off our style to the fans. They kind of get to know us through it.

Who are your style icons?

Oh. Right now, I would say that what Kanye West is doing right now is unbelieveable. His look is fantastic. I’ve also always been a fan of Ralph Lauren. When it comes to how I dress, I wear a lot of Theory clothes. For me, I can fit into almost anything so I like to dabble in different styles and looks.

How would you describe your own style?

Clean-cut, simple, plain. I don’t like anything too extravagant, I like to be able to blend in anywhere I go.

Who influenced your style growing up?

I didn’t have any style growing up [laughs]. I just wore whatever my mom bought me. That’s all.

What’s the first really stylish piece of clothing you remember owning?

It was a Tommy Hilfiger plaid shirt. Circa maybe 1997 or 1998.

What are you looking forward to most about this season?

The excitement that the fans have for us. They’re happy to see us back in action and I love that. It’s a good feeling.