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Scout Taylor-Compton Isn't Afraid Of Anything


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Scout Taylor-Compton Isn't Afraid Of Anything

By: Bianca Teixeira|November 27, 2015
Tagged With: horror, TV, women



Your resume is filled with films where you have amazing costars. Have you received any advice over the years that has stayed with you?

One of my best exchanges was working with Helen Mirren on Love Ranch. I absolutely adore her — talk about a free spirit! I feel like being young in this business, when you’re becoming an adult and things are changing you start acting out. She just taught me to be my free-spirited self and that there is nothing wrong with not fitting into a Hollywood mould. 

In your movies The Runaways and Halloween, you’re stepping into the shoes of very iconic people, whether they’re real or fictional. What’s it like to take on these roles that people have a connection to and have such a huge following?

I’m a really competitive person, which makes me really determined. I think it helps me actually, knowing that I’m playing a role that someone’s already done or was in real life. It just makes me push myself to be the best that I can be, to portray it the best possible way. And especially playing Lita Ford, I learned all the guitar parts and had to make sure that I resembled her, and that my posture was like hers. I mean, I personally like doing stuff like that more than playing a fictional character. That just adds more drive for me to do it. Despite that, I would actually love to play Baby in Dirty Dancing — that’s my dream role. I dig those kinds of roles. It just pushes me more to be the best that I can be.

Who is your character in Nashville?

Erin, a very feisty, moves-to-the-beat-of-her-own-drum kind of girl. I would describe her as a fun, adventurous girl, like one of the guys. I’ve heard it from the writers, too, saying, “We haven’t met a character on this show who’s fun and doesn’t cry in every scene.” [Laughs.] She’s not causing drama, not cheating on someone or anything like that. But still a fun girl. I’m kind of like that.

How was it going into a show that’s been established over a couple of seasons and joining a team of people that have been working together a while before you arrived?

You know, it’s really nerve-wracking. My very first shoot on my very first day was actually an intense make-out scene between myself and Sam [Palladio]. It was just like, “Hi, I’m going to be with you for a while, and right now we’re going to make out.” It was pretty intense. But besides that, everyone is so loving on Nashville. It’s such a loving town and the people on set — the crew and the cast — are all so welcoming, so it was really easy.

How do you bring down the tension on set when your first scene is a furious make-out session?

I feel like Sam and I really similar in our sense of humour. It was kind of a sarcastic, awkward thing which brought down the stress of it, but it was still professional. To be honest, it’s not my first rodeo with kissing someone, so it was pretty easy to get into. And, I mean, in the first take we were like, “Ok, you got my lips, I got yours, cool.” He’s a buddy of mine now, so even when we have to kiss it’s not a big deal. We’ve been kissing each other for so long at this point. It’s kind of like a high five. 

Photographer/Makeup: Dylan Lujano
Hair: Sergio Sanchez 
Styling: Celebrity Stylist, Beatrice Nikole
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