The 80 Best Street Style Looks from Pitti Uomo 89

It began in the early ’70s as nothing but a simple industry trade show, a chance for foreign retailers to survey the very best of Italian fashion. But over the decades — and, especially since the recent rise of street style photography — Pitti Uomo has evolved into a mecca for male fashionistas.

Twice a year, a gaggle of bespoke-clad dandies descend upon Florence to attend the show, network with like-minded sartorialists, and with any luck, have their picture taken by a blogger or two. In many ways, the style-minded gents peacocking about outside have come to overshadow Pitti itself.

While the outfits at Pitti can sometimes toe the line of outlandishness, they’re more often than not a solid gauge of coming trends a season or two down the line. For a peek ahead, we had photographer Jun Her on the ground in Florence to capture all the coolest looks on display at the latest edition of the show.

Photography by Jun Her


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