You Need to Buy a Band Collar Shirt Before Frank in Accounting Gets One

You know that guy Frank over in the Accounting department? The smug prick all your female coworkers swoon over because he’s always dressed in the latest, suavest threads? Well, here’s your chance to get one over on him, because we’re pretty sure he doesn’t own a band collar shirt yet — heavy emphasis on yet.


The breezy, bohemian button-down style has been quietly building up steam over the last couple years, and it’s due for a breakout season come spring. This one, from the cult Japanese label Tomorrowland, will look damn good dressed up with a suit or down with shorts and sneaks.

Most important, you’re guaranteed to hear “Looking great today!” and “Hey, nice shirt!” from at least a dozen people in the office every time you wear it. Screw you, Frank.