Get to Your Cottage in Record Time in This Amphibious Folding Plane

The ICON A5 is not a toy. But it does look and operate kind of like one, which is something you should feel no shame in.


The two-seat personal aircraft has retractable landing gear for touching down on water and land alike.


It also features a lightweight, carbon fibre airframe, a 120-mph Rotax 912 ULS engine (that runs on both auto and aviation gas) and folding wings that let you store it in your garage or tow it on the highway.


What’s more, it’s part of a new Sport Pilot classification, which requires significantly less admin to obtain a licence for.


If you’re not confident in your flying prowess, however, fear not — the A5 comes with a propeller guard, a wing angle of attack indicator and a built-in parachute that helps the entire plane land safely in an emergency.


Images: Icon Aircraft


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