You Can Literally Sleep with the Fishes at Dubai’s Underwater Hotel

It’s no secret Dubai is nudging the world’s architectural arms race forward. The Emirate already has the globe beat in the tallest building category — with the 2,722-foot Burj Khalifa — and the outrageous island bracket (see: the Palm Jumeirah, a mesmerizing, frond-shaped archipelago of isles). But conquering the land and sky is not enough —  Dubai now sets its sights under the sea.

The opening chess move: luxury underwater suites at the Atlantis, The Palm hotel, located at the Palm Jumeirah’s apex. The two rooms, named Poseidon and Neptune, offer floor-to-ceiling views into the 65,000 marine animal-rich Ambassador Lagoon. Immerse yourself in three storeys and 1,776 square feet of Jules Verne-esque sunken wonder, replete with an open-plan living room, a private lift and scores of sharks and stingrays at eye level. Subaquatic colonization looks about as fun as everyone thought it would.