Watch Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Talk Sex Scenes, Getting High and Crocodile Dundee

Fresh off dominating the worldwide box office with Deadpool last weekend, Ryan Reynolds is keeping the W’s coming. The Vancouver-bred actor crashed the press junket for Eddie the Eagle and pulled off this stellar interview with the one-and-only Wolveri…er, Hugh Jackman:

Halfway between an episode of Between Two Ferns and those Moviefone “Unscripted” videos, it’s jammed with absolute gems (“Many actors do all their own stunts. Do you do all your own acting?”) and sneaky hilarious one-liners (“Bryan Bleynolds from Vancouver, British Columbia. Ooooh, I love Latin America.”). Oh, and the whole thing culminates with Jackman doing a line-reading from Crocodile Dundee.

Honestly, where was all this chemistry in that god-awful first Wolverine movie? Here’s to hoping Weapon X drops in for a cameo in Deadpool 2 so that these two can keep the party rolling.