You’ll Look so Damn Handsome in This Shirt It Won’t Even Be Fair

The oxford shirt has been a menswear staple since the 19th century. In all that time, it really hasn’t changed a whole lot; a tweak to the fit or collar size here or there, perhaps, and that’s about it. Why mess with perfection?

outlier-oxfordBecause maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t actually all that perfect to begin with. Maybe it could stand to be a little softer, a little more breathable. Maybe it’d be nice if it wicked your sweat and didn’t pick up stains so easily.


That’s where Outlier’s Nyco button down comes into play. It’s cut flatteringly from comfortable two-ply cotton that’s been blazed with Nano-Tex to keep things drier and cleaner for longer. In other words, it’s perfection perfected.


Images: Outlier