Here’s How to Spend 16 Months at Sea

Escapism isn’t always a bad thing. Given the recent slew of grey skies and still-chilly temperatures, it’s only natural to assume a wistful look in your eye and dream of suitably sun-fuelled adventures. We’re often presented with lust-worthy adventures and tours, but it’s been a while since we’ve come across something quite as exciting as the Oyster World Rally.

The Oyster World Rally spans an ambitious twenty-seven destinations — starting (and finishing) on the balmy shores of Antigua, stopping everywhere from Tonga to Tahiti during its run from January 2028 to April 2029. Participants will spend sixteen months at sea, logging a total distance of 27,00 nautical miles. Though it’s a good four years in the future, registration for the highly-coveted spots begins this summer (June 18th, to be precise).

Oyster World Rally

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Oyster World Rally

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Oyster World Rally

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Oyster World Rally

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Oyster World Rally

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Before setting sail, the Oyster team provides each participant with an exhaustive education — mandatory courses, monthly meetings, pre-sailing briefings in Antigua and two instructional workshops in the UK — to ensure that everyone aboard is comfortable at sea. The training is plenty comprehensive on its own, but go-getters will be pleased to find optional courses in relevant topics like celestial navigation to complement their education.

Naturally, the route takes advantage of local weather patterns. You’ll start off the New Year with a cruise through the balmy Caribbean waters of Antigua, winding through Panama, the Galapagos, Marquesas, and Tahiti all before May. Then, the Rally takes a speedy summertime tour of Micronesia before hitting Australia and Indonesia, finally ending the year on the shores of South Africa. Next, the Rally breezes over the Atlantic, stopping in St. Helena before coasting onto Brazil. One last stop in Grenada proceeds the full-circle finish on Antigua in April 2029.

That said, there’s a minor catch: to join the Oyster World Rally, you’ve got to own an Oyster Yacht. If you find the perfect boat between now and 2028, however, you’re eligible to take part in the adventure — a significant investment, to be sure.

Still, it’s tough to put a price tag on a fully-supported journey through the high seas. No other experience rivals the Oyster’s top-notch service or Odyssean route. For instance, the Rally provides sailors with local insight at every stop, offering advice on facilities and couriers. Practical matters are taken care of, too: technical support, maintenance, berthing and mooring arrangements, Immigration/Customs — you name it. Plus, they’ll plan more than a few soirees along the way. What else do you need?