This Bespoke BMW Motorcycle Is the Ultimate Modern Café Racer

Here’s a surefire recipe for success on two wheels: take an aggressive, reliable roadster — like, say, a 2016 BMW S1000R — strip it down to its essential mechanical underpinnings, and then build an entirely bespoke, incredibly badass, retro-inspired café racer body overtop.

bmw-motorcycle - 5

That’s exactly what Montreal’s Purebreed Cycles did with The Brooklyn Project, their just-unveiled collaboration with BMW Motorrad Canada. It’s an alluring, electrifying blend of modern engineering and classic styling.

Featuring an array of custom-designed 3D-printed components — some of which can be easily clipped on and off to switch up performance for road or track use — the customizations reduce the bike’s weight by 24kg and gives its 999cc 4-stroke in-line 4-cylinder engine an extra 15hp boost.

bmw-motorcycle - 1

Only 40 of these bad boys will be produced, and each will be built to meet the exact requirements and tastes of their owners.

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Images: Purebreed Cycles