What Africa Will Look Like in 100 Years: Here’s What’s Happening in the World

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. The Amazon Echo is the new iPhone

“The most promising candidate for the Next Great Gadget isn’t made by Apple, Google, Facebook or Microsoft. Instead, it is the Echo, a screenless, voice-controlled household computer built by Amazon — a company whose last big foray into consumer electronics, the Fire Phone, was a humiliating flop.” The New York Times looks at the surprising joy and utility of Amazon’s latest home personal assistant.

+1: The new iPhone may have a wrap-around screen.

2. The 21st century will belong to Africa.

With a population set to quadruple in the next hundred years, the Telegraph digs into the unique set of opportunities – and challenges — that the fast-growing continent is facing.

3. Donald Trump’s campaign manager possibly assaulted a journalist

After videos emerged of Trump supporters sucker punching black protestors at a rally, a new audio tape released by Politico seems to reveal Trump’s campaign manager roughing up Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.

+1: A final attempt to understand Ben Carson’s deeply weird political campaign.

4. The sadness and beauty of watching Google’s AI play Go

Google’s Go playing AI (yes, a second story about a super powerful artificial intelligence) AlphaGO beat Korean legend Lee Se-dol earlier this week, delivering a a performance which Lee described as “near perfect.” In Wired, Cade Metz examines the profound sadness and beauty to be found in the match.

5. Five Years on from Fukushima

This is what Japan looks like five years after the Tohoku earthquake.

+1: It takes two years to build the robots that dive into Fukushima’s core. They ‘die’ in ten hours.