The 75 Wildest Street Style Looks from Tokyo Fashion Week

As far as style goes, Tokyo isn’t simply on another level — it might as well be on another planet. Nowhere else on earth are trends, subcultures, silhouettes, colours and patterns so freely mixed and matched and experimented with such reckless, haphazard glee. Sometimes, that fashion-forward R&D brings forth bold, inspiring looks we’ll all be copying five years from now. And sometimes it results in a whole lot of batshit crazy bawdiness.

During the latest edition of Tokyo Fashion Week, we had photographer Matthew Sperzel on the ground to capture the full spectrum of Japanese streetwear: from the sleek and stylish to the completely, utterly insane. Take what you will away from these photos — laugh at some of them, if you must — but make sure you at least acknowledge how damn cool it is that a place like this, where self-confidence and creativity reign supreme, even exists.

Photography: Matthew Sperzel