You Can Stop Searching for That Perfect Pair of Sunglasses Now

Sunglasses, my dude. Finding the right pair is no easy task. Go with frames that are too classic, too safe, and you’ll look like every other schmuck on the street rocking what I like to call the Tom Cruise collection: Risky Business wayfarers and Top Gun aviators. Venture too far outside your comfort zone, and suddenly you’re verging on ’70s Elton John territory. You want to look cool, not kooky.

So here’s your middle ground: this snappy, surefire pair from Shuron, who’ve been producing the illest American-built shades around for over 140 years.


They’re impeccably proportioned to look great on just about every face shape, and the smokey caramel colour is different enough from the standard tortoiseshell and black without getting too loud or eccentric.

Pull ’em on and, mercifully, no pop culture references will spring immediately to mind. You’ll just look like you.

Images: Lost & Found