This Man Invented a Roll-Aboard Trailer Hitch for Your Butt

Successful entrepreneurs are said to solve problems, not create ideas. Google revolutionized online search. Amazon simplified shopping. Facebook found new ways for you to avoid your family. Robert Lian, inventor of the My Hitch, has clearly been paying attention.

For the low, low price of $18 USD, Lian will sell you the privilege of using the My Hitch — a discreet, plastic pants hook capable of lugging up to 25 lbs. worth of roll-aboard carry-on.

“Imagine carrying coffee in one hand, your cell phone in another, while your luggage follows behind you,” Lian explains in the the pitch video, which, I mean, sure.

How sublime.

Available here, the My Hitch would make the perfect gift for that pragmatic go-getter in your life, unafraid of scorn or public humiliation.


H/T: BoingBoing