Scent Appeal: 7 Can’t-Miss Fragrances For Summer

Here are the fragrances you need to make memories this season — seven bright and sophisticated scents that were made for summer.


Gentlemen Only Parisian Break


You are dressed rapaciously on point, walking down a summer street, looking famous and cinematic: this is the fragrance for that moment. Sage and citrus mingling with cool mint and an aura of casual elegance.

Code Profumo


With sweet, spicy notes of green mandarin, cardamom, and apple mixed with rugged hints of leather and amber, Armani’s new fragrance is the scent of your nights, both this summer and when the air turns cooler.



If one could bottle blue skies and the desert sun, along with hints of the open road, it would smell something like this. Noble, raw, and surprisingly fresh, Sauvage is an aromatic blend of amber, musk, and spice.

Mr. Burberry


A warm body, rounded out by woody sweetness and hints of citrus. Let the bottle’s dapper design give you a hint on how to wear this distin- guished scent. While it’s mellow enough for everyday use, it deserves to be reserved for something, or someone, special.

John Varvatos
Dark Rebel


The best vices, bottled. Dark Rebel opens with hints of tobacco and rum before unleashing notes of vanilla, leather, and wood. Nothing makes memories like getting into a little trouble.

L’Eau Intense

Clean, refreshing, and perfect for adventure. Carven’s new fragrance is a classic example of a summer scent, all mint, cedar, citrus, and lavender. Light enough so that when you start to sweat, you’ll give off a clean musk that will frankly be irresistible.
$120, at Holt Renfrew


Ralph Lauren
Polo Blue Eau de Parfum

Fresh enough to inspire visions of cool lakes and cottages in the woods, but with enough weight to carry you through the most formal summer engagement, when you want some regality in your corner.

Photography: Lane Dorsey
Styling: Joanne Jin
Hair & Makeup: Jodi Urichuk for Moroccan Oil/Vita Liberate/Plutino Group
Photo Assistant: Haydn Steme