Behind the Swivelling Walls of This Venice Beach Home, You’ll Find Incredible Ocean Views

If you lived in Venice Beach, you’d want to see as much as Venice Beach as possible, right? That was the guiding principle behind the design of the Flip Flop House.


Masterminded by LA’s Dan Brunn Architecture, the 5,700-square-foot house features swivelling walls that open its top floor up to all the stunning oceanside views the area has to offer.


The home’s  minimalist’s exteriors certainly take the spotlight, but that’s not to say that the inside isn’t also impressive.

The rooms are large and expansive, with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow for as much natural light as possible.


Most of the materials in the home natural and neutral. The kitchen is made from a glass and aluminum Italian system that is fully recyclable.


A number of design decisions were made with sustainability in mind: large overhangs provide shading and reduce solar heat gain, while the beachfront location utilizes wind pressure for passive air cooling.


Shallow pools at the ground floor level also help keep temperatures low.


But no matter how beautiful the interiors are, the surroundings remain the Flip Flop House’s true selling point. In addition to those rotating walls on the top storey, the wraparound terraces on each floor allow you to take in the sights and sounds of Venice Beach no matter where you are in the house.



Photography: Brandon Shigeta