Seth Meyers Has A Game Show About His Family, and It’s Incredible

A helpful tip to get you through any familial commitments this weekend: if your family is not the Meyers family, feel free to cancel on all of those fools. Because they won’t measure up to a goddamn thing the Meyers family has ever done.

Last night’s Thanksgiving episode of Late Night featured Seth’s annual segment “How Well Do You Know Your Meyers?”, a fake gameshow bit where he quizzes his family – brother Josh, mom Hilary, dad Laurence – about, well, the Meyers.

It’s heartwarming, hilarious and makes me wish like hell I was a part of the Meyers (Sorry, mom).

Feel free to stuff yourself with turkey and sadness at the thought that you will probably never be in the same room as gift-to-the-earth Hilary Meyers. But at least now you know that if you wanted to buy your way into the family, a good start might be with a sheepdog named Albert.