Two Canadians Arrested in Bermuda for Smuggling Fentanyl: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. Two Canadians charged with smuggling Fentanyl into Bermuda

“Two Canadians have been charged with importing fentanyl into Bermuda after they were both treated for a “medical emergency” at a hotel, according to the Bermuda Police Service.”

Vice News

2. Canadian economy surges in December: trade and full time jobs blow past expectations

“Canada’s economy ended the year with a bang, with a surge in full-time employment and the country’s first trade surplus in two years. Employers created a surprising 54,000 net new jobs in December, bucking expectations for a small loss.”

Globe and Mail

3. 2016 was Toronto’s deadliest year for pedestrians in at least a decade

“Last year was the deadliest for the city’s pedestrians in more than a decade, with 43 people killed by drivers. That’s the highest death toll since at least 2005, the oldest year on record in data recently released by the city.

“The figures show that last year also saw the highest number of older people killed on the streets in a decade. Thirty-seven of the victims, or 86 per cent, were over 55, which is the age the city’s road safety plan uses to define ‘older adults.'”

Toronto Star

4. Hamilton judge who wore Trump hat no longer allowed to hear cases

“A Canadian judge who wore a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat in court is no longer allowed to hear cases.

“On Nov. 9, the day after Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election, Justice Bernd Zabel walked into a Hamilton courtroom wearing the red cap bearing Trump’s campaign slogan. Zabel then removed it and placed it on the bench in front of him, the Globe and Mail reported. The judge returned with it after the morning break.”

– CBC News

5. Louisville’s ‘Spaghetti Junction’ is a testament to how cars degrade cities

“The CEO opens up to 16,000 employees once a week. Why don’t you hear more about it?”

– Vox