Ryan Gosling Once Got Meryl Streep to Compliment His Mom’s Bad Hairdo

If Jimmy Fallon can get celebrities to do anything, the BBC’s Graham Norton can get celebrities to talk about anything. Case in point: Getting Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and uh, what looks to be Ben Affleck, to talk about their embarrassing mom stories.

Sharp cover star Gosling won the round with this awkward story from the 2012 Academy Awards:

See, Momma Gosling, convinced by her friend that the beehive was back in, decided to rock one at the Oscars of all places. Good son Ryan, who as the night progressed could see his mom grow increasingly embarrassed, leaned over to Meryl Streep, seated beside him, and asked for a small favour.

“Would you mind just telling my mom that you like her hair?”

Streep, herself known for her charm and grace, it seems was more than happy to oblige.

Hope you’re taking notes, kids! This is how it’s done.

H/T: vulture