Ottawa Is Set to Begin Crucial Free-Trade Talks With China: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. Trudeau government “weeks away” from preliminary talks on free-trade agreement with China

“The start of formal discussions is no guarantee of a final deal, which, in any case, could take years to complete. Exploratory talks provide an initial chance to decide whether it’s worth progressing to actual negotiations.

“But with the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership on its deathbed after the election of Donald Trump and his threat to tear up the North American free-trade agreement, even the launch of preliminary trade talks with China carries symbolic weight.”

The Globe and Mail

2. Obamacare made Americans healthier and more financially secure

“As is widely discussed, the health impacts of repeal are potentially disastrous. But less well understood are the economic consequences, which are significant too — especially for women. In the estimation of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the proposed repeal of key portions of the ACA could cause individual health-insurance premiums to rise 20 to 25 percent in the first year, and to double by 2026.”

– The Atlantic

3. Theresa May promises “clean break” for Britain from EU

“After months of stressing that there was no ‘binary divide’ over Britain’s membership of the single market, she explicitly ruled out staying a member, arguing that it was impossible for a Britain that controlled its borders and set all of its laws.

“‘Let me be clear,’ she said, adding that any agreement would be sent to both houses of Parliament for approval, ‘What I am proposing cannot mean remaining in the single market.'”

– New York Times

4. Why is it so hard to kick terrorists off social media?

“An organization says it has a solution to curb terrorist activity on social media. Why won’t Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other tech powers sign on?”

 The Ringer

5. Is kale actually healthy, or is it poisoning you?

“The verdict on what we should be eating seems to change weekly. One day, an ordinary food can supposedly add years to your life, make your smarter, and give you better skin. Then that same food gets grouped in with rat poison. Put simply, there are too many studies.”

– The Walrus