Why Supreme x Louis Vuitton Is Such a Goddamn Big Deal

Let’s begin with a quick disclaimer: unless you are a rapper (and I mean a famous rapper; seriously, my guy, no one cares about the sad freestyles you’ve posted on Soundcloud), an NBA player, or a 15-year-old Japanese kid with a multi-million-dollar resale business on eBay, you are never getting your grubby paws on any of this stuff. You should probably just stop reading now, to save yourself the disappointment. But, you know, don’t, because my livelihood and such.

So, anyway, Louis Vuitton and Supreme have a collaborative collection coming out. Chances are, that either means everything to you, or it means nothing. If it’s the former, we’ll give you a second to scrape the exploded, hype-filled remnants of your brain off the sidewalk.

If it’s the latter, here is some very brief background: You know of Louis Vuitton, its 160+ years of history, the trunks, the monogram, the Kanye. Supreme, for the uninitiated, is essentially Louis Vuitton for skateboarders, hip-hop heads, downtown coolguys of every ilk, Parisian model types, Muppets, and, yeah, Kanye. Since launching in New York in 1994, the brand has established itself as the most revered, obsessed-over, desired streetwear label of all time; their product launches regularly cause actual riots.

Back in 2000, Supreme put out a line of tees and skateboards that flipped their famed box logo with Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram; the Parisian house promptly hit them with a lawsuit. Fast forward 17 years, and you’ve got LV artistic director Kim Jones saying shit like this: “No New York City conversation is complete without Supreme. We might say no menswear conversation period can really be complete in 2017 without mentioning Supreme, and this Louis Vuitton collab further cements the brand’s ability to blur the true definition of ‘luxury.'”

Earlier today, during Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2017 runway show in Paris, the labels officially revealed a full co-branded range of clothes, luggage, shoes and accessories set to drop this summer. Needless to say: it is fire. So. Fucking. Fire. Like, nobody’s blaming you, Billy Joel. Supreme x Louis Vuitton definitely started the fire.

Yeah, so this is why every dude you know who’s even remotely interested in style or sneakers is freaking out today. Fashion collaborations are a dime a dozen these days, but this one is different. This one is momentous. A perfect blend of the sumptuousness and exclusivity and top-shelf branding that make both brands so impossibly coveted. It’s gaudy and garish and just so, so great. Get prepared to hear a whole lot about it for the rest of the year.

Like we said up top, it’s going to be almost impossible to own any of these pieces when they hit Louis Vuitton stores on July 17th. People are probably starting to line up as we speak. But here’s a look at what’s been revealed thus far.

Start lining up now. @louisvuitton x @supremenewyork. ❤❤❤#louisvuitton #supreme

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Supreme®/Louis Vuitton® Fall 2017. For more info go to louisvuitton.com #LVxSupreme A photo posted by Supreme (@supremenewyork) on

Supreme®/Louis Vuitton® Fall 2017. For more info go to louisvuitton.com #LVxSupreme   A photo posted by Supreme (@supremenewyork) on

Supreme®/Louis Vuitton® Fall 2017. For more info go to louisvuitton.com #LVxSupreme A photo posted by Supreme (@supremenewyork) on

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