Bugatti’s Beautiful New Road Bike Weighs Less Than 5 Kilograms

Bugatti sure seems bored of making hypercars. Just weeks after launching their first luxury yacht, the Italian automaker has announced a new road bike designed in collaboration with German luxury bicycle company PG. Much like the Niniette 66 yacht before it, the simply-named PG Bugatti Bike takes inspiration from the Chiron’s clean lines and eye-catching curves.

Constructed primarily from carbon fibre, the entire bike weighs less than five kilograms. Much like its automotive brethren, virtually every aspect of the frame is customizable, from the colour schemes to the leathers on the seat.


Only 667 PG Bugatti Bikes will be built, and they’ll likely cost a pretty penny — the last time these two companies built a bicycle, it retailed for a cool $39,000 USD.