Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Is Back to Explain the True Meaning of Passover

Live from Los Angeles, it’s…Saturday Night? Melissa McCarthy made a triumphant return as Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live this past weekend via satellite from LA, as part of the show’s first-ever live coast-to-coast broadcast.

McCarthy’s Spicer hosted a special Easter briefing — in an Easter Bunny costume, of course —  in which he attempted to clear up that whole Hitler-never-used-chemical-gas-at-the-Holocaust-centres thing (“Everybody freaked!” he says of the aftermath), coin a new phrase (“concentration clubs”), call out the media for reporting “every little slur and lie I say,” and explain the meaning of Passover, “AKA Jewish Easter,” by retelling the story of that “bad hombre” Pharaoh.

Watch the whole skit below, and do your best to ignore the lagging laugh track — McCarthy didn’t have a live audience in LA.