Someday, Your Grandson Will Thank You For Buying This Leather Motorcycle Jacket

In case you’re one of those mythical folk who don’t overthink everything in their path and truly, actually “live in the moment,” [*insert eye-roll emoji here*] allow us to paint a picture of the future for you:

It’s 2067. Your grandson, Kendrick — named in honour of the 47th President of the United States — has just turned 18. He’s heading to college in the fall to study Warp Drive Engineering (oh, yeah, Star Trek will be real life in 50 years btw) and recently purchased his very first flying electric motorcycle to get around campus. He’s already downloaded all the required textbooks and word processors directly into the subdermal MacBook implanted in his skull, so there’s no need for practical gifts. It’s time, you decide, to finally pass on your most cherished possession: the Taylor Stitch x Golden Bear leather jacket you bought way back in 2017.

“K-Dot!” you bellow, your voice croaking from decades of legalized marijuana use. “Come here, Pop Pop has something to give to you.” As he unwraps the package — enveloped in the old-fashioned reusable e-paper you still read your daily New New York Times on, much to the amusement of your family — his eyes light up. He lifts up the jacket, its beautifully aged 3.5-oz full-grain steerhide leather glistening in the sunshine, and then immediately gives you a long, firm, silent hug — the kind he used to give you when he was a boy, after a soylent sundae or a round of jai alai catch (it finally caught on!).

“Thank you, Pop Pop. Thank you so much.”

Hoo boy. [*sniffles*] Did it, um…is it raining or something? I, uh, I’m gonna need a minute here. [*turns around and not-so-quietly whispers “PULL IT TOGETHER, MAN”*]

Okay, so, um, yeah, this jacket is really great and it’ll fit great and look great and all that great stuff. You should probably go and just buy it now before before I start weeping again.

Images: Taylor Stitch