Prediction: You Won’t Survive the Summer If You Don’t Own These Slides

Stupid observation alert: the word “slide” is having a real moment right now, huh? There’s “Slide,” the Migos- and Frank Ocean-assisted Calvin Harris banger which is a legitimate contender for Song of the Summer. Douchey dudes on Instagram and Twitter are continuing to creepily slide into DMs at an ever-accelerating clip. Even playground slides are making headlines these days, albeit for rather unfortunate reasons.

And then, of course, there are slides — the once-unheralded but ever reliable shower sandals that have, over the past few years, undergone a meteoric Warriors-esque rise to the very top of the fashion food chain. Top models and tech moguls alike are rocking these bad boys. Iggy Pop showed up to a Cannes red carpet in them. Kanye, predictably, has his own signature version.

Generally speaking, the Casual Friday-ization of modern menswear is something we here at the oft-besuited SHARP HQ fervently oppose. But even we can’t deny that — in addition to their indisputable comfort and refreshing simplicity — the damn things just plain look good. And no pair we’ve seen this summer looks better than this one, from the appropriately-named British brand Slydes.

Grab yours at Gotstyle now.


Photography: Oana Cazan