You Can Now Buy Conor McGregor’s ‘F*ck You’ Suit, and Win Every Workplace Argument Hereafter

The best thing to come out of the overhyped machismo circus that is the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather fight? That infamous suit. You know the one. More than any trash talk spewed on the recent press tour for their August 26 bout, the biggest diss delivered by either fighter was a sartorial statement — the three-piece suit McGregor wore on the first night. From far away, it looked like a simple pinstripe. But up close, the stripes themselves spelled out the words “Fuck You” in vertical repeat. Burn, ad infinitum.


Due to overwhelming demand, the passive aggressive ensemble is now available for purchase. For a limited time, David August, the suit’s designer, is adding the very NSFW fabric to its made-to-measure collection. The custom three-piece will include details like French facing construction stacked buttons, purple camouflage silk lining, and hand-stitched detailing. Each suit will be numbered and signed by CEO David August Heil, and will take around 12-15 weeks to make.


We can think of no better (read: pettier) way to handle workplace drama (or the wedding of that couple you secretly hate, or your upcoming date in divorce court).

$6,500 USD,