How the Hell Did Jaguar’s E-Pace SUV Do a Perfect Barrel Roll?

Jaguar did a funny thing to announce its entry into the compact crossover space. Rather than unveil its new E-Pace with the standard rolling the car onto a stage or pulling off a sheet or having it make a cameo in a film, the automaker hailed its coming with a barrel roll.

That’s right. Some-crazy-how, the E-Pace pulled a 270-degree corkscrew jump, soaring 50 feet through the air to earn a Guinness World Record for the “Furthest Barrel Roll in a Production Vehicle.” In other words, it did something no SUV has any business ever doing.

We have many questions. Actually, we just have two: How many E-Paces were totalled and how many stunt drivers were killed in the making of this video?

To answer our burning queries, Jaguar just released a behind-the-scenes video documenting the six months of preparation it took to master this hair-raising 1.5 seconds. Leading up the the record-setting attempt, the E-Pace withstood 33 test jumps with only minor safety modifications, including a roll cage. A total of 757 hours of engineering simulation time was conducted beforehand as well, with the crossover launching into the air while travelling 67 kph.

According to Jaguar, there was less than a 0.4 inch margin for error, which is amazing terrifying when you consider the jump was 55 feet long.

What crazy thing is Jaguar going to do to launch their next vehicle? Drop it from the edge of space? The scary thing is, that doesn’t even sound all that unlikely.