Look at This Ridiculous Custom Supreme x Louis Vuitton Ferrari

Ah, to be a filthy rich teenager. Pockets lined, hormones raging, world at your disposal. What does one do? Well, if you’re Lorde, you might donate a whole bunch of your money to various worthwhile causes back home.

Rashed Belhasa is not Lorde. No, the 15-year-old Dubai Instagram sensation, a.k.a. Money Kicks, is more likely to spend his time the way you’d expect someone nicknamed Money Kicks to spend his time: dropping over $5,000 a month on streetwear and owning 50 pet lions.

So, it’s not exactly a shocker that Belhasa recently decided to cover his entire Ferrari — a F12berlinetta — in a Supreme x Louis Vuitton monogram wrap.

This, of course, is a take on the collaborative powerhouse that is the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collection, which launched this year and has spawned all manner of bootlegs since.

Seeing the kid post Instagrams of the car while sitting on it — himself adorned head-to-toe in Supreme x Louis Vuitton gear — is giving me violent douche chills. We may have just reached peak Supreme x Louis Vuitton. (Also, RIP to Supreme’s status as an underground cult label. Them days are long gone.)

Not that I wouldn’t drive this thing. I would. In fact, I’d drive the shit out of it. I mean, someone’s got to. The legal driving age in the United Arab Emirates is 18.