There’s a Supreme Fender Guitar, and We’re Ashamed to Admit We Want It

Welp, we’ve already seen a Supreme Ferrari, so it was only matter of time before we’d witness the streetwear label colonize yet another mid-life crisis staple: the Fender Stratocaster.

Supreme released a preview today of their AW17 collection, featuring an all-white Strat with that familiar box logo underneath the pickups. Info on the axe is limited, though it looks like its neck is maple and has been painted to match the body and headstock. And if you’re worried there’s not enough Supreme branding on this thing, fear not: the label’s name also appears on the guitar’s strap and case. This axe is essentially a Venn diagram of Hypebeast and Guitar World readers.


As Reverb notes, “this is likely intended more as a decorative, collectable item than a primarily functional guitar.” Pfft. Sure, maybe this thing is meant to be hung up on the wall of some swanky condo, but as if its owner is going to resist the urge to take it down and play “Wonderwall” at a party.

This, of course, isn’t Supreme’s first foray into the rock universe. Morrissey, Neil Young, Daniel Johnston, and Slayer have all pissed off their respective fanbases by collaborating with the brand. (Though Morrissey now really regrets it.)

Taking bets now on which rapper will be the first to (pretend to) play this badboy in their music video.

H/t: Yang-Yi Goh