This 1965 Porsche 356 Outlaw Has Been Unapologetically Modernized for Today’s Roads

Let us interrupt your day for a much-needed dose of vintage car porn. Meet the Porsche 356 Outlaw — a restored Porsche 356C modified into a fiery little hotrod. Introduced in 1964, the 356C was the last version of Porsche’s first production car, the 356, before being replaced by the 911 — now a classic in its own right. This curvaceous vintage beauty has a rebuilt engine, upgraded suspension, new breaks, and a completely restored interior, making it a true machine for today’s roads.

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You can look at the 356 Outlaw as the automotive bridge between fashion and heritage. A nod to Porsche’s heritage with a metallic silver finish, leather hood straps, and the black Stoddard wheels. Inside, we see the nod to Porsche’s fashion with tan leather and blue tartan bucket seats, a blue dashboard, a wooden steering wheel, and a shift nob. You also get the standard xenon headlights and rear LED tail lights. All in all, over $65,000 and two years were put into restoring this thing and it was very well worth it.

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Compared with today’s performance specs, this Outlaw will obviously fall short at only 115 BHP. But we have to ask ourselves: is it really all about power? That AMG might hurl past you but let’s not kid ourselves here, you’ll be the one turning heads.

The Porsche 356 Outlaw is up for sale at Classic Driver for just a little under $110,000 USD.

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