The Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro Will Be Preposterously Fast

Over the summer, we told you about the forthcoming Aston Martin Valkyrie — the 1,130-horsepower hypercar that somehow is street legal even though it looks like it’s straight out of Blade Runner.  The Valkyrie’s not even into production yet and Aston Martin is already raising the stakes. They’ve decided to take the next logical step with the car: add more power, take off weight, get rid of that nonsense infotainment system, and call it the Valkyrie AMR Pro.

Forget street legal, this is a track-only Formula One machine and, it’s safe to say, the craziest Aston we’ve ever seen. This hypercar is so insane that Aston has organized a flight school of sorts with Red Bull Advanced Technologies to train owners on how to actually drive this beast — they’re calling it “an intensive and comprehensive driver development program.” We’re calling it a Suicide Squad.


The Valkyrie AMR Pro will have the same naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine as the street-legal version, but with a significant yet undisclosed horsepower bump. According to Aston Martin, everything about the surface of the AMR Pro is about aerodynamics. (So far, all we’ve got are renderings of the car, which are still drool-inducing.) The designers used a lighter grade carbon fiber, swapped out the windscreen and side windows with polycarbonate, switched to 18-inch front wheels, and replaced the seats with lighter ones. The AMR Pro version will also get larger front and rear wings for added downforce — which will come in handy when you’re doing up to 400 km/h and hitting G-forces of 3.3G when cornering. (And no, it doesn’t actually take flight.)

Let’s not forget, this car is 100 percent not street legal, so we also don’t have to worry about those pesky emissions or muffler limitations — meaning this car will probably be loud AF.

Only 25 of these cars will be made and they’re all spoken for. Deliveries start in 2020 so you couldn’t even find a used one up for sale yet. Also, the street-legal Valkyrie is priced at $3 million USD, so don’t expect the souped-up version to be anything below that.