This Epic Toronto Mansion Has a Full-Size Hammam Spa In Its Basement

Populism is a word you hear a lot in the news lately. And for good reason — populists are killing it right now. Populist parties have risen to power in Greece, Poland, Ecuador, Hungary, Bolivia, the Philippines (where they’re really killing it), and Venezuela. There’s also that conspicuously-coiffed guy in the White House who managed to win an election based on a strongly populist platform. But we’re not about to dive right into all that.

Instead, we’re going to tell you about a type of populism we can really get behind. It comes in the form of The Strata House, a 30,000-square-foot residence designed by Hogtown’s own Audax, which is a winner of the 2017 AZ People’s Choice Awards. And sweet Moses, it’s easy to see why this one’s a fan favourite.

hotw-strata-house-0417 - 16

Inspired by midcentury modern homes in California (the kind Don Draper used to trip BALLS at back in the day), this crib is a masterclass in tasteful, finely-appointed interiors that still feel approachable, relaxed and homey. The living room is a good example: it’s as exactingly decorated as a Wes Anderson movie set, and yet we can still totally picture ourselves lounging on one of those delightful yellow couches, a fire roaring away in that handsome marble fireplace, and taking a long and well-deserved nap. (Another fan favourite: sleep.)

hotw-strata-house-0417 - 1

The dining room could double as an upscale Yorkville restaurant, but it doesn’t feel too precious or uptight — your friends will have no qualms about getting loud and rowdy in there over too many bottles of wine at a dinner party.

hotw-strata-house-0417 - 5

Travel up the spiral stairs (and y’all already know how we feel ’bout a good set of stairs)…

hotw-strata-house-0417 - 4

…and you’ll find five spacious bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. This one was clearly designed for a child, and yet it’s roughly a kajillion times nicer than the average adult Torontian’s one-bedroom apartment.

hotw-strata-house-0417 - 11

But it’s downstairs, in the basement, where the party really gets started. That’s where you’ll find the indoor lap pool, which is great for when you’re super bored of splashing about in the massive outdoor pool in the backyard.

hotw-strata-house-0417 - 13

There’s also a very lovely billiards room, which… hey, wait, what’s that in the back there?

hotw-strata-house-0417 - 15



There’s also a massage room, a spa treatment room, and, for when you really want to get your relaxation on…

…there’s a full-on Hammam spa.

hotw-strata-house-0417 - 12

Some people go gaga for a charismatic leader who promises everything to everyone. The only promise we care about? That you can go for a shvitz in your basement any time you damn well please. We’ll vote for that.

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Images: Audax