The 22 Best Street Style Looks at New York Fashion Week: Men’s F/W 2018

New York Fashion Week Men’s just wrapped, and our photog on the ground Matthew Sperzel was there to make sure some of the most legendary street style ‘fits of the past few days would live on eternally via the Interweb.

Ranging from commendable to questionable, and featuring an inordinate amount of tweed and turtlenecks, we’re happy to share with you what the people pounding the pavement of New York this F/W season were wearing. Emulate with caution, but please, first do try these at home. In front of a mirror. A full-length one.


Two winter staples paired simply and elegantly together in the turtleneck sweater layered underneath a double-breasted topcoat. This gent wears his topcoat more casually, leaving it open to expose his tonal outfit underneath. You really can’t go wrong with this sophisticated combination.

Get the look:

Gucci Slim-Fit Double-Breasted Cashmere Overcoat, $5,438

Theory Ribbed Model-Blend Rollneck Sweater, $107



Although wearing two blazers at the same time is pretty unconventional, this chap’s use of contrasting colours and fabric textures somehow makes this work. We’ve seen a whole lot of tweed this F/W, and it works naturally well on this blazer (posing as a makeshift topcoat) overtop the pinstriped wool suit underneath. Be careful trying this one out for yourself, and certainly don’t even think about trying to double shirt à la Steve Bannon.

Get the look:

Officine Generale Grey Slim-Fit Herringbone Cashmere Blazer, $1,231

Officine Generale Grey Slim-Fit Pinstriped Wood-Flannel Blazer, $772



You can’t go two minutes walking outside anymore without bumping into someone wearing their take on the classic WW2 B3 bomber jacket. We get it, it’s a trend. What certainly isn’t at the moment are the ’70s-esque red trousers, which play off of the light brown tones in the jacket and Lebowski-inspired bowling shirt. But that’s just, like, my opinion, man.

Get the look:

Kingsman Tequila’s Statesman Leather-Trimmed Shearling Bomber Jacket, $2,788

Masion Margiela Satin-Trimmed Piqué Drawstring Trousers, $887



This is a bold one, but somehow comes off. As noted above, the turtleneck is a winter staple, and pairs just as well with tailoring as it does a pair of jeans. Underneath a slim double-breasted jacket with peak lapels, the only thing you wouldn’t call classic about this look is the colour. If you think pulling off purple might come naturally to you, and you have the cojones to invest in a couple of statement pieces, give this one a go. Another Lebowski bowling scene joke could be made here, referencing John Turturro’s similarly all purple outfit, but like any smart man, I don’t fuck with the Jesus.

Get the look:

Stella McCartney Blue Charles Jacket, $2100

P. Johnson Slim-Fit Merino Wool Rollneck Sweater, $283



This ‘fit is a lot less challenging to pull off, and a lot less risky for the wallet. Black Watch plaid is one of those F/W fabrics I look forward to wearing all year, which means a topcoat is a great way to get your fix for the season. The blues in this coat mean that it goes naturally well with a pair of dark denim, creating a pretty clean, tasteful combination.

Get the look:

Burberry Reversible Black Watch Checked Wool-Twill Trench Coat, $2,456

Ermenegildo Zegna Slim-Fit Stretch-Denim Jeans, $508



Another classic combo you really can’t get wrong: a light grey suit with a navy cardigan underneath. Thin cardigans like these double as waistcoats in a cinch — just as this chap has done here. Keeping a simply coloured palette in your wardrobe means that combinations like these are endless and effortless, and you’ll find new ways to throw pretty much everything together all the time.

Get the look:

 Kingsman Harry’s Light-Grey Double-Breasted Wool Suit Jacket, $1764

John Smedley Petworth Merino Wool Cardigan, $320



This outfit is a little more complex, but we can still understand why it works. While the topcoat is much louder in pattern and colouring, the brown hues in it are played up with the rest of the outfit, found in the turtleneck and wide-brimmed hat. It certainly feels more statement-y, but is actually more contained and thought out than you might think.

Get the look:

Fear of God Contrast-Tipped Checked Wool Coat, $1,451

Kingsman + Stetson Tequila’s Statesman Leather-Trimmed Felt Hat, $282




Okay, tweed and turtlenecks have taken over this post, but it’s pretty obvious that the people of New York Fashion Week Men’s are huge advocates of it. And more importantly, you can’t really doubt the freshness of this guy’s outfit here. The turtleneck under tailoring has been cool ever since the Prince of Wales (King Edward VIII) wore it himself. Incidentally, the glen plaid patterning on the jacket was so iconically worn by King Edward VIII, it is also referred to as Prince of Wales check.

Get the look:

Rubinacci Grey Slim-Fit Prince Of Wales Checked Wool Blazer, $1,796

Mr. P Merino Wool Rollneck Sweater, $207



You could call this one another statement piece. The fabric and pattern are interesting to say the least, but it’s the colours that scream “I’m at fashion week” even louder than the fake phone use. I’m being harsh. This is actually kind of interesting, but my favourite part is the understated pebbled leather navy blue laptop carrier. I believe the scarf has been ID’d as the ‘sisal’ by up-and-coming Swedish brand IKEA.

Get the look:

Gucci Burgundy Marco Slim-Fit Contrast-Tipped Houndstooth Woven Suit Jacket, $2,217

Anderson’s Full-Grain Leather Pouch, $383



I cannot tell you too much about this one other than I appreciate the accessories. The black tint on the lenses of the classic aviator-styled shades here match the black of the leather on his belt, and so do the gold accents on the Gucci buckle and wire frames on the glasses. I don’t want to know which animal PETA says this man has taken the skin off of, as I fear its natural habitat might be close to mine. Same goes for the bow tie.

Get the look:

Gucci Gold Sensual Romanticism Aviator Sunglasses, $485

Gucci Black Marmont Belt, $540


This is the last turtleneck on this list, I promise. However, I saved the best for last, and by best, I mean look at those pants. I appreciate a nice pair of super high-waisted khakis tucked into cowboy boots as much as the next guy, but this is something else, so let’s just divert our attention upwards, shall we? On top, this fashionista actually gets things very right. A simple navy blue turtleneck peeks out from underneath a classic tan macintosh-styled raincoat. This looks awesome on anybody, but from the nipples down, I can’t say the same for the rest of the outfit.

Burberry Reversible Cotton-Gabardine Trench Coat, $2,908

John Smedley Cherwell Merino Wool Rollneck Sweater, $283


I’m with this guy. Puffy bombers are boring, everyone’s got one now, so why not cut up all the different ones you own and sew them back together for a unique, Frankenstein one nobody else has? With the scraps, make pants! We wouldn’t want to go too crazy, though. Better tone it down with a traditional shirt and tie. There, now it’s office appropriate.

Saint Laurent Multicolor Silk Striped Bomber Jacket, $3685

Paul Smith Red Floral Blade Tie, $150