This Portuguese Glass House Uses Trees Instead of Blinds: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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1. Taking ‘moving the outside in’ to a whole new level

“A transparent hillside abode outside Porto swerves around existing trees and takes advantage of the lush canopy for privacy.

“Inspired by the surrounding landscape of chestnut trees, rocky hillside, and bubbling stream, Portuguese architecture firm 3r Ernesto Pereira chose to blend into, and take advantage of, the local geography rather than fight against it at this sleek, modern home near the coastal city of Porto.”

– Dwell

2. New fully autonomous car wants to do your errands for you

“Nuro is an on-road autonomous vehicle designed to transport goods. Nuro is a California startup founded by former Google engineers Dave Ferguson and Jiajun Zhu. They want the Nuro vehicle to move goods between consumers and businesses.

“In all of Nuro’s footage there is no driver or passengers. California startup Nuro created an autonomous robotic vehicle.”

– Autoblog

3. How well do the men that dress you, dress themselves?

“The world’s best-dressed menswear designers. Nine essential sartorial lessons from the guys who look good for a living.

“Of course, you could argue that when you’re helming a worldwide label, the creativity exerted on your wardrobe is better spent reinventing everyone else’s. But as the men below prove, you can boss your own swag without lessening what you send down the runway.”

– Fashion Beans

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger joins Michael Fassbender on increasingly exciting cast of Kung Fury

“Well, if you’re going to make an outrageous and over-the-top tribute to schlocky ’80s cinema, this is how you do it. Kung Fury, the big screen follow-up to the viral short film of the same name, has added action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger to its increasingly bizarre cast.

“Set in an alternate 1985 dominated by the tropes and cliches of that decade’s best and worst genre movies, Kung Fury follows a kick-ass Miami cop who sets out to kill Hitler. It’s weird. It’s wild. It’s funny. It wears out its welcome despite its 30-minute running time. I’m not sure how this will function as a feature, but it’s certainly shaping up to be a movie that we won’t be able to ignore.”

– Slash Film

5. A case for the bolder shoulder during your next tailoring purchase

“By removing the padding in suits and sport coats, it’s said that you can combine the smartness of traditional English dress with the comfort of modern casualwear. Plus, deconstructed jackets supposedly give the wearer a natural sense of ease – and who doesn’t want to look more comfortable in their clothing?

“I’ve thought the same for years. That a softer shoulder can be a good way to take out the literal and metaphorical stuffiness in tailoring, while a structured shoulder can make a suit look more formal and authoritative. This past Monday, however, I stopped by Edward Sexton’s trunk show in San Francisco. And the visit has given me a better appreciation for how structured shoulders can be cut and worn.”

– Die, Workwear!