10 Grooming Essentials You Need to Survive the Rest of the Summer

Look, we understand: it’s hard to keep looking your best during these summer months, what with the sunburn and excess moisture and dirt buildup. But that’s why it’s extra important to up your grooming game during the dog days. (No one wants to step back into the office post-vacation looking like a Billot Log). Whether you plan on spending the rest of these sweltering days on a beach, in the office, or killing it at Electric Island (or, depending on your age, the New Order show), here are 10 summer grooming products you can’t live without.

Biotherm Homme Aquapower Shower Gel


You have had a long day. The beach, kids, your wife. A family outing can get messy as hell in the hot summer sun. But finally, you come home and have that cool shower with the even cooler Biotherm Homme Aquapower shower gel. It’s all about those simple pleasures.

$29, Buy now at Amazon

American Crew Cream Pomade


Stuck on summer hairstyles? We got you covered: American Crew’s cream pomade is perfect for those breezy beach waves. The pomade also comes in light, medium, and heavy holds, so you can look like George Clooney no matter the weather.

$55, Buy now at Amazon

Rugged & Dapper Facial Cleanser


Why do I need this, you ask? This versatile facial cleanser is perfect for all types of skin, from oily to dry. Packed with natural ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin C, willow bark and burdock root, this cleanser does a great job at, well, cleansing. It attacks dirt, grime and built-up oils, preventing breakouts and rough skin, leaving you rugged and dapper.

$56, Buy now at Amazon

Mr. Bean Coffee Scrub


Exfoliation is not just a marketing tactic. It’s the first step in having (and keeping!) clear, soft skin. Infused with coconut oil, vitamin E, and sea salt, this scrub hydrates and moisturizes. In other words, it takes away that hangover face, or overly dry after-shave skin. Plus, it’s organic! Looking good and saving the environment, am I right?

$35, Buy now at Amazon

Biotherm Homme Deodorant


Summer days are hot, hot, hot. To conquer the heat, you need Biotherm’s cool, all-day protection deodorant, so you can confidently go from your morning run into the office. Promising 72-hour (whoa) anti-sweat protection and natural ingredients, this high-performance deodorant is the modern man’s best friend.

$34, Buy now at Amazon

La Roche-Posay Sunscreen


Sunscreen can be pretty confusing. Some are targeted towards sensitive skin, or the face — others are natural but not strong enough. Ugh. Luckily, La Roche-Posay has a clear solution. Their Anthelios 60 ultra light sunscreen doesn’t feel heavy (as its name suggests) and is easy to apply on the go, but strong enough to prevent any skin damage.

$43, Buy now at Amazon

L’Oreal Post-Shave Balm


Obliterate the summer heat with L’Oreal’s ice effect after-shave. Hydrating, nourishing, and cool, this is the perfect summer post-shave gel. If you don’t believe me, take it from the “men expert.”

$33, Buy now at Amazon

American Crew Beard Foam Cleanser


If you’ve got the fortitude to grow a facial forest this summer, American Crew’s beard foam cleanser is the one for you. This product does it all — it fortifies, softens, and deodorizes your beard. No water needed, and instant refreshment guaranteed.

$18, Buy now at American Crew

American Crew Beard Balm


Given the levels of humidity that hang around summer, it will be a given that your beard is not easy to tame. Don’t worry! American Crew’s beard balm can do just that. Featuring almond oil and shea butter, it conditions your locks, adds shine, and makes it easy to style. You’re welcome.

$18, Buy now at American Crew

John Varvatos Artisan Pure


Last, but most definitely not least, you need the classiest of summer staples: a subtle, balmy perfume. End the season in style with Artisan Pure eau de toilette from John Varvatos. Combining notes of citrus, herbs, and bergamot with a musky undertone, Artisan Pure encapsulates the sea in a bottle. Rugged, fresh, and of course, sharp, it is the quintessential summer fragrance.

$110, Buy now at Amazon