The Jaguar E-Type Zero, the Most Gorgeous Electric Car in the Cosmos, Is Going Into Production

Steeped in rich history and luxury, a Jaguar is the classic man’s car. But classic doesn’t have to mean outdated. The automaker has unveiled an electric production version of its iconic E-Type. Sacrilege? Nah, just superb.

The Jaguar E-Type Zero is nearly identical to the classic ’60s sports car, except that its engine and transmission have been replaced with a battery pack and electric motor. Not only does that make the car emissions-free, it makes it some 100 pounds lighter and frees up a significant amount of trunk space. (Rejoice, retail therapy junkies!)


Tech specs will be revealed in due time, but last year’s concept boasted nearly 300bhp, a 5.5 second 0-100 km time, and a range of about 270 km (restored with a seven-hour charge). That makes it faster and more powerful than any gas-guzzling E-Type, although it likely also makes it considerably quieter.


Of course, the Zero is also equipped with all manner of modern-day perks: touch screen navigation, voice command, and LED lights. But worry not, fickle purists: Jaguar will let you choose to have the original ’60s instruments if you so desire.


No word on pricing yet, but Jaguar’s already taking orders. Finally, you’ll get to drive like a goddamn royal.