Evan Yurman on the Art of Rocking Man-Jewellery Tastefully

There’s perhaps no riskier male fashion accessory than jewellery. A nice ring, necklace or cuff can add just the right amount of personality to your look, but do it wrong and you’ll come off looking like a supporting character from a Gucci Mane video or a post-Pirates Johnny Depp. For best results, look to Evan Yurman, son of legendary jewellery designer David Yurman and the company’s chief creative officer. Picking up where his dad left off, the younger Yurman creates the kind of understated, luxurious jewellery that a man can look good in without making a big show of it. He spoke to us about inspiration, family, and how to rock some bling while still looking like yourself.

Did you always imagine you’d join the family business, or did you have to warm up to the idea?

I’ve been involved with the brand, working alongside my parents, from a very young age. It was in my DNA. Today, as the chief creative officer, I work across all product categories, with a special focus on high jewellery, wedding collections, and our men’s business. The reality of this company is that it truly is a family business, and we all work very closely together on a daily basis. We each have our strengths and contribute to the brand in different ways, all working towards the same objectives and long-term goals.


How do you balance preserving the legacy of your brand while injecting new life into it?

When my parents first began creating jewellery in the ’80s, they were expressing a romantic attitude that communicates something beyond the product, and that’s important to maintain. The core message of our brand is casual elegance and authentic glamour from an American point of view. That said, I’m constantly innovating in terms of the engineering processes used to create our pieces, as well as working to create collections that feel new and surprising. I want my designs to appeal to the next generation of customers. For example, in our men’s collections, I love to use unconventional materials like black titanium, forged carbon, coloured diamonds, and rubber, that cater to a contemporary man.

What’s the best gateway piece for a guy who doesn’t have any jewellery yet?

A simple bracelet or cuff. We have the classic cable bracelet for men, cuffs featuring our Chevron motif, woven leather bracelets, or even a beaded bracelet — which I love. There’s definitely a starter piece for every personality.


Is there a right and a wrong way to wear jewellery?

Jewellery is about expressing yourself rather than following any clear rules. In recent years, we’ve even seen our customers buying men’s pieces for women, and vice versa. The stacking, the layering, and the bold scales of our pieces allow our customers to buy and collect pieces over time and wear them together. That’s what makes it unique — it’s very much about personal style.

What advice would you offer to a man looking to buy jewellery for his partner?

For an everyday piece, it should be something that suits their profession and that is easily worn with various styles of clothing and accessories. Another important thing to know is what colour metals and stones they might like. Beyond that, I think it’s all about understanding their personal style and taste.