10 Cozy Sweaters You Need to Preserve Your Sanity

Whereas ugly, mass produced Holiday Sweaters seem to have this mysterious inverse correlation to reflecting any semblance of style, their cultured relative – the Cozy Sweater – is everything they aspire to be. Think of the Cozy Sweater as the Holiday Sweater’s sexy Scandinavian cousin it keeps secret out of (justified) fear of  juxtaposition. It’s a prerequisite to intimate, candle-lit, Hygge soirees.

With each new snowfall, each gust of bone-chilling breeze, each pair of cold, wet socks draped over your radiator, the value of some reliably warm knitwear seemingly rises exponentially. So, take solace from the elements without completely sacrificing your commitment to living stylishly by making a smarter seasonal sweater investment, with assistance from our carefully curated list below.

Burberry Cashmere-Blend Half-Zip Sweater

Made out of 87% cashmere and with a funnel neck that zips all the way up, this sweater from Burberry is the epitome of coziness. After all, who knows more about escaping the damp cold than the Brits? This quarter-zip is cozy-yet-posh enough to cover a lot of bases, from being snuggled up at home with a book, down the pub for a casual pint, or even for Sunday dinner with the in-laws. That’s some versatile comfort.

$526, Buy now at MR PORTER

Moncler Grey Monduck Logo Sweatshirt

Is there a more iconic sartorial symbol of coziness than the grey fleece sweatshirt? Everybody that doesn’t already have one, needs one, but can they say theirs is Moncler? Embrace coziness and let the instantly recognizable Monduck logo do all the talking for you. Save the effort for stoking the fireplace.

$520, Buy now at SSENSE

Frank And Oak Bouclé Crewneck Pullover

Bouclé (pronounced /boo-clay/) is a fabric not everyone is familiar with, but should be. Not only does the fabric add interesting visual depth with its pilled-like texture, the comforting tactility of bouclé will encourage those who you share a hug with to hold onto you that little bit longer.

$60, Buy now at Frank And Oak

Moncler Intarsia Wool-Blend Sweater

The Après-ski is perhaps the most important part of a day on the hills, and some of the best of it can be found in the world-famous ski town of Aspen, Colorado. While a trip over to the Colorado Rockies may not be on the agenda at the moment, channel that Aspen Après-ski essence in this fun, wool-cashmere blended cozy sweater.

$1,123, Buy now at Mr Porter

Tiger of Sweden Black Cable Knit Sweater

If bright red isn’t really the kind of attention you want to attract, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Covered like a blanket. Just because you’re more of a stoic, all-black-everything type of guy doesn’t mean you can’t be warm and cozy too.

$280, Buy now at SSENSE

CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC Oversized Distressed Intarsia Wool Sweater

Bright red not enough attention? Think back to your most cozy of days, way back when you were a wee lad watching cartoons by your lonesome, well before anyone else was awake to take you out of your element. Pay respectful homage to those snug days in this Looney-Tuned baby blue from Calvin Klein.

$663, Buy now at Mr Porter

Gucci Off-White Logo Hoodie

Still need to take your coziness to the next level? You can’t go any further than this thick, over-sized hoodie from Gucci. Turn them lights down low, toss on your favourite flick, rip some of the most legal weed you can get your hands on, and block out the universe by pulling those hoodie strings taut over your head to get down with some much-needed chill-time. It’s all Gucci, bro.

$1520, Buy now at SSENSE

Burberry Striped Wool And Cashmere-Blend Sweater

I know we’re talking cozy sweaters here, but just because you might be home alone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try – because at the end of the day, if you’re not trying for you, who are you trying for? If there’s one lesson winter should remind us of each year, it’s that Kevin McCallister is an authentic master of style. He still does himself up good with that slick n’ steezy (is that Casentino?) green robe, even when he wakes up alone on Christmas day. That’s some unbreachable mental fortitude – if a lot of us were in that position, I’d be willing to bet we wouldn’t be changing out of our duvet all day. Anyway, this is a cool sweater too.

$1,052, Buy now at Mr Porter

Burberry Cable-Knit Mélange Cashmere, Wool And Mohair-Blend Zip-Up Cardigan

If you like the idea of walking the smart-cozy line with a zip-up, but need something a little heftier than the above, this is another great choice. This chunkier installation in the cardigan line has some great textural details, like the cable knit weaving and wool blend that features cashmere and mohair.

$1,152, Buy now at Mr Porter

Frank And Oak Sherpa Fleece Hoodie

Coming in at around 40 bucks, this Sherpa fleece hoodie is the most frugal and perhaps cozy piece on this list. There’s a reason Sherpa fleece fabrics like this have been such a big trend recently, and it’s not because they look dope at the club. Stay in and stay cozy this Saturday night; it’s too cold to wait in line anywhere.

$40, Buy now at Frank And Oak