Jon Hamm, Annoyingly Talented Man, Does Play-By-Play at an NHL Game and Sounds Like a Pro

Jon Hamm is sure leaning into this being Canadian thing. First, he turns up in those SkipTheDishes commercials posing as a poutine-loving, ordinary Canuck, and now he’s popping into NHL games and providing flawless colour commentary.

The Mad Men star and apparent St. Louis hockey fanatic was at the Blues’ road game against the Los Angeles Kings on Thursday, and swung by the FOX Sports broadcast booth for a mid-game interview. While the actor was hamming it up (sorry) with the hosts, Blues winger Ivan Barbashev just happened to score a goal.

Turns out Hamm is a total natural at play-by-play — he transitioned seamlessly from talking about his own struggles at skating to calling Barbashev’s goal on the fly, sounding like a seasoned vet.

“It is a very challenging thing for me to get out on the ice, but I do love it,” said Hamm. “I love skating, I love this play right now and I love that goal. How about it? Come on! Ivan Barbashev. Fourth line contributing so hard. God, he’s a spark plug.”

Dude’s giving Joe Bowen a run for his money! Is there anything he can’t do? Sportsnet, hire this man immediately.