The Tag Heuer Autavia Makes a Dramatic Comeback

Tag Heuer & Sharp

Jack Heuer was navigating the final stretch of a rally in Switzerland in 1958 when he misread the time on his car’s in-dash clock. To Heuer’s dismay, this mistake cost him the race. Fortunately for the world of watchmaking, however, it inspired the creation of one of the world’s greatest sports watches: the Autavia.

Following that fateful race, Heuer returned to work at his family’s watchmaking company determined to create a new kind of racing timepiece. It would be versatile, reliable, and most importantly, easy to read from the seat of a moving race car. After years of research, development, and testing, the Autavia chronograph was revealed in 1962. With its contrasting black and white “panda” dial and large numeral at 12 o’clock, the original Autavia made a statement on the wrist. Its unique rotating bezel, meanwhile, allowed the wearer to easily set and track his time, an asset to both drivers and pilots.

In honour of the Autavia’s 55th anniversary, and after countless requests from fans and collectors, TAG Heuer made history in 2017 with the release of the Heritage Autavia Calibre Heuer 02. This year, the tradition continues with the new Autavia ISOGRAPH. With its modern Swiss movement and mid-century design, the new Autavia remains a winning combination of pedigree, performance, and style.


The Legend Lives On

Thanks to its purpose-driven design, the Autavia gained a reputation as the watch of choice for the world’s top race car drivers. While it was worn by motorsport legends like Jo Siffert, Mario Andretti, and Gilles Villeneuve, it became synonymous with German Formula One champion Jochen Rindt. Throughout the 1960s, Rindt climbed the ranks of the Formula One circuit while wearing the Autavia Ref. 2446 Mark 3. In 2017, this design, dubbed the “Rindt,” was voted by fans to become the first of the new Autavia models to be re-released.


Half a century (and then some) of “Automobiles and Aviation” in one iconic package


The Autavia Is Born

Named for a combination of AUTomobile and AVIAtion, the Autavia is first used in race car and airplane cockpits.


A Modern Classic

Designed as the ultimate racing chronograph, Jack Heuer’s new Autavia watch is an instant classic.


Heuer Returns

TAG Heuer releases a vintage-inspired update to the Autavia in collaboration with Jack Heuer.


A New Era

With input from fans, TAG Heuer releases a faithfully modernized Autavia collection for the watch’s 55th birthday.


The Sky’s the Limit

TAG Heuer debuts the aviation-inspired Autavia ISOGRAPH at Baselworld. While its looks are inspired by the 1960s, its precision movement, featuring a carbon-composite hairspring, is the height of modern watchmaking technology.