Take the High Road to This Hair-Raising Mountaintop Hotel in China

Take your yearly family vacation/honeymoon/mindfulness retreat⁠ to the next level⁠ — quite literally — at the Pingjiang Homey Wild Luxury Hotel. Situated in Hunan, a province in Southern China, the hotel sits on top of a mountain, pretty much guaranteeing some Insta-worthy views of naturally formed bamboo forests, mountains, and rivers. ‘Eagle Rock Cliffs’ is the third phase of the hotel and brings on three new structures: Dinghui, Yanshang, and Ziyahui, conceived by Bejing Duo Xing Jie (Vague Edge) architectural designs.

The highlights of Dinghui include luxury suites, a main reception, and an open-air infinity pool. At Yanshang, you can expect guest rooms, a breakfast room within the viewing platform, floor-to-ceiling windows onlooking China’s beauty, and a rooftop pool.

Ziyahui will include an event space, a circular courtyard doubling as a stage with seating along the cliff top periphery, and skylights.

The “outside-in” architectural philosophy is effectively embraced via the use of natural light — every structure is fully immersed in the immaculate landscapes.

I’m not entirely sure what sounds more relaxing than luxury suites providing “natural comfort among the clouds,” or an open-air infinity pool on top of a mountain. Unless you’re afraid of heights, of course.

Booking isn’t open yet, though — for those of you as entranced by this place as I am, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

Photography: Weiqi Jin / Vague Edge Architectural Design