3 Burnout-Proof Outfits You Need to Crush Your 18-Hour Workday

Kenneth Cole & Sharp

You love working, but you hate work clothes. We get it. It’s hard to tackle an 80-hour week when you feel oppressively hemmed in. (Lord knows how Elon Musk does it wearing this). The good news is it no longer has to be that way. The concept of “going to the office,” after all, has changed; today’s self-starters are getting the job done at coworking spaces, on planes, and in coffee shops. A more versatile definition of work calls for a more versatile wardrobe — and some brands are getting the memo.

Case in point: Kenneth Cole. Their latest line is full of dynamic, practical, technologically advanced pieces meant to keep up with you while you keep up the hustle. The suits are stretchier, the shoes are comfier, but they’re still plenty fashionable enough to rock at the office — plus infinitely easier to dress down once you punch out. Below are three looks that’ll make your workday so breezy, you’ll feel like you’re using cheat codes.


Striped turtleneck sweater ($85), black TECHNI-COLE flex dress pant ($80), and outer grey jacket ($95) by Kenneth Cole.

Once the cold snap of fall hits, you’ll want to protect ya neck — and there’s no spiffier way of doing so than in a turtleneck. Sure, maybe to you, turtlenecks scream “I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany,” but add some stripes and a modern, lightweight jacket and suddenly the outfit feels considerably less stuffy. Adding to the de-stuffing effect: the sweater’s breathable cotton acrylic blend and a pair of super flexible TECHNI-COLE performance pants.


TECHNI-COLE Suit Set ($170 for jacket, $80 for pants), Kam Shoes ($100) by Kenneth Cole.

Things you didn’t know existed: a) Bags for drying your dog after a bath and b) tailored suiting that feels like wearing yoga clothes. The latter comes in the form of Kenneth Cole’s TECHNI-COLE suit, which has the look of traditional tailoring but employs athletic fabric technology — like a stretch gusset shoulder and comfort waistband — that allows for optimal freedom of motion. It’s far less constrictive than most suits, allowing you to take on whatever the day brings, whether that’s sprinting to your next meeting or, thanks to the stretchiness, a few drinks after five.


Futurepod Lace Up Shoes ($225), TECHNI-COLE Suit Set ($170 for jacket, $80 for pants), Inside Blue Knit Top ($50) by Kenneth Cole.

Maybe you work at the kind of office that you can’t wear your Off-White Jordan 1’s to, which is a (literal) pain, because dress shoes can be hard on the feet. These Futurepod Lace Ups offer a handy compromise; they boast the appearance of sleek dress oxfords but feature innovative technology — like a triple-layer cushioned midsole and moisture-wicking, temperature-controlled lining — that makes them easy to rock for extended periods of time. Match them with a TECHNI-COLE suit and you’ll be swaggering through your commute like Vince Carter circa 2001.