The Toronto Raptors Got Some Really Big Rings Last Night

The Toronto Raptors are the reigning NBA champions. This statement still rings true, even if the rest of the league likes pretending that it doesn’t. But to make it ring just that much truer, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment made sure the team was presented with some really big, well, rings last night. And not just any, but the largest NBA title rings ever.

Crafted by Windosor, Ontario’s Baron Championship Rings, each piece features 74 diamonds — repping the number of wins in the 2018-2019 season — that make up Toronto’s skyline and the Raptors’ ‘North’ chevron.

The diamond that stands out the most on the ring’s face is the gigantic 1.25-carat one on top of the Larry O’Brien Trophy. It’s said, by Baron and MLSE, to be “the largest single diamond in any professional sports ring.”

Each ring boasts over 640 diamonds, with the player’s name and jersey number proudly emblazoned on the right side.

Encircling the ring are 16 rubies and the 16 jersey numbers of the players on the championship roster.

In total, each ring packs 14 carats’ worth of diamonds; the most ever in any professional championship ring.

For some reason, Drake got two. But he inspired the headline of this thing, so we’ll allow it.