10 Topcoats Ready to Step Up Your Winter Style Game

Whether you’re into streetwear or menswear, sweats or suits, classic or contemporary, there’s one thing pretty much any men’s fashion subculture can agree on: a great topcoat is a wardrobe staple.

As temperatures drop, so do jacket hemlines. We start to feel the need for something longer — something prepared to keep our rear ends toasty for the journey from fall into winter. Enter topcoat season.

Topcoats differ from overcoats in that they’re shorter, sportier, and typically made from lighter fabrics. While overcoats might skew more heavy-duty, I personally don’t believe that my lower half really misses the extra few inches of fabric that an overcoat provides. If anything, it’s a small yet stylish trade-off for a bit of negligible knee warmth.

So if you’re in the market for a new coat, look no further than the list below for your wardrobe’s next outerwear addition. Stay toasty!

Tiger of Sweden Beige Mondan Coat

Scandinavian brand Tiger of Sweden takes the traditional double-breasted topcoat and gives it some Italian flair by widening the lapels and giving it a bit of “belly” – a tailoring term for that sexy curvature on the body of the lapels. This coat might look as light and graceful as falling snow, but its wool-cashmere blends means it still promises to keep you nice and warm.

$1,100, Buy now at ssense.com

BOSS Brown Herringbone Nye Coat

Headed to the countryside? Opt for this brown herringbone topcoat by BOSS, which nods to rural England. It’s timing couldn’t be better, given that the return of Peaky Blinders has us all looking to classic English tailoring for wardrobe inspiration. That said, I have a hunch this coat will stay in style long after Tommy Shelby’s Netflix reign has ended.

$790, Buy now at ssense.com

Prada Orange & Grey Virgin Tweed Coat

Prada embraces another classic British fabric — a beautiful orange and grey virgin tweed — for their own single-breasted take on the topcoat. The notch lapels on this one are playfully wide, perhaps as a nod to the Cuban collared shirt. Because we could all do with bringing a bit of sub-tropical style to chilly mid-November.

$3,620, Buy now at ssense.com

Frank and Oak Lawrence Recycled Wool Herringbone Topcoat

This thermal-insulated Frank and Oak piece knows how to pay tribute to the past. Not only is it made with 50 per cent recycled wool, but by adopting a sporty mid-thigh length and flattering slim fit, it also makes stylish nods to the classic topcoats of the ’60s. Nonetheless, modern men will find that it looks just as cool layered over a hoodie as it does over a sports jacket.

$270, Buy now at Frank and Oak

Z Zegna Tan Wool Moscova Over Coat

A few seasons ago, it seemed like everyone and their moms were offering some variation of the classic camel topcoat. But for true admirers of classic menswear, the fashion trend was nothing new. In a double-breasted design with beautiful details like a ticket pocket and hearty wide lapels, Zegna’s version of the camel coat has permanent panache.

$1,500, Buy now at ssense.com

Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere Coat

Italian menswear giant Brunello Cucinelli delivers his take on the topcoat with these elegant offering that adopts a slightly uncommon colour and yet still ends up relatively easy to wear. Made of 100% cashmere, this gorgeous coat will only look better the more it’s used, which will undoubtedly be a lot.


Prada Logo-Appliquéd Mohair and Wool-Blend Coat

In truth, I’m not entirely sure what “temperature regulating properties” Prada has engineered into the design of this suave chocolate brown topcoat, but when a coat looks this good, it doesn’t take much to sell me on it. This understated-yet-sexy single-breasted piece will prove to be a heavy-rotation item among even the most dedicated of menswear collectors.

$2,650, Buy now at Mr. Porter

Tiger of Sweden Navy Camelo Coat

This coat’s navy fabric is deep enough to look black, but if Tiger of Sweden says it’s navy, then who am I to argue – especially when they’re putting out coats with this much class. Details like buttoned epaulets on the shoulders and a half belt on the back take this topcoat up a few notches on the style scale, while the extra-deep sleeve cuffs push this well into “need” over “want” territory.

$1,200, Buy now at ssense.com

HUGO Brown Malte 1941 Coat

This HUGO topcoat might be the simplest entry on this list, but it still ticks every box. Made from a lush, mid-brown virgin wool and cashmere-blend, it’s cut in a slim fit with just the right amount of structure in the shoulders to provide shape without sacrificing any comfort. Really, it’s one of the most elegant topcoats on the market today.

$550, Buy now at ssense.com

Burberry Black Down Cart Coat

If you’re willing to stray from the traditional and into the realm of “out-there,” take a look at Burberry’s down car coat. Sure, it might stretch the parameters of what we consider a topcoat. But will it keep you warm from your shoulders to your buns? Is the 100 per cent nylon material perfect for transitional weather? Has Burberry smashed it out of the park? Yes, yes, and oh yeah, baby.

$2,390, Buy now at ssense.com