The Penalties for Talking Trash as a Pro Athlete, Ranked By Sport

In sports, expressing attitude comes with big financial penalties. (As with so many things, it’s all about the money.) Here’s what running your mouth will run you in each league.



$2,000 — Each of the first five technical fouls of the season (such as those from disrespecting an official, hating on a call, or swearing).

$3,000 — Each of the next five technical fouls. (In the playoffs, everything’s even more expensive.)

Up to $50,000 — Fouls involving fighting, including throwing a punch that doesn’t land.



$200 — Any major penalty, which usually involve physical contact.

+$100 — Major penalties (boarding, cross-checking, fighting) that cause injury to the face or head of an opponent by means of a stick.

+$200— After four major penalties in the same game.


$100 — Any minor penalty, like inciting an opponent, leaving the bench to speak with an official, use of profane or abusive language, or verbal abuse of an official.

+ a next-game suspension— After three misconduct penalties (or after two if both involved abuse of an official)



Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images.

Really depends. Some guys just get suspended for trash-talking at second, but this year Ian Kinsler of the Padres got fined a full $10,000 for arguing with an umpire whose calls he disagreed with.