3 Men’s Hairstyles to Keep Your Cut Fresh for Fall

Whether you’ve gone full buzz, used your partner as a stand-in stylist or embraced the “COVID grow out”, the past six months has been a time of trial and error for our hair. But now that barbershops are back open, we enlisted Peter Gosling of Glassbox to give us some much-needed inspiration for fall hairstyles. “These hairstyles work for all seasons, but moving into fall fashion, especially with “the COVID grow out”, people are keeping the length now that they’ve gotten past the awkward middle stages,” says Peter.

In just five years, Glassbox has expanded throughout Toronto and opened locations in Hamilton and Victoria, BC, cementing its reputation as Canada’s premier barbershop. “With the closures of salons over the late winter and early spring, we noticed that people really began to realize that we are considered an essential business,” he says. “The community was missing Glassbox and it gave a lot of people time to finally ‘grow it out’. Glassbox is like the Wayne Greztky of hair.”

Taper Fade Slick Back


“The taper fade slick back is a classic take on a traditional haircut, but a tapered neckline and sideburns gives it an edge that grows out nicely over time,. The difference between a good hair cut and a Glassbox haircut is most look good when they leave, but a Glassbox but looks great in 6 weeks.”

Motorcycle Hair

“What we call motorcycle hair: long enough to tuck behind the ears giving that Luke Perry 90210 effect, easy to push side to side and gives versatility to the style and long enough to tie back.”

UK Crop

“This longer textured UK crop style is great to cover your recession or widows peak and showcase a powerful hair line. Style it with a firm hold clay for that soft tussled texture look and avoiding frizz to keep it in place all day.”