City Tours: Toronto Creator Matt Benfield Takes Us From Bellwoods to High Park and Back

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Daily walks have become the highlights of our day. But just because the snow is falling and the temperature’s dropping, doesn’t mean you can’t still get your 10k steps in. (After all, Toronto really is prettiest in the winter). So, whether you’re discovering the city’s hidden gems or revisiting your favourite haunts, a sturdy and stylish pair of boots is essential. For our City Tours series with SOREL, we asked Toronto content creator Matt Benfield to show us around his go-to West End spots.

Favourite neighbourhood in the city and why?
Queen West, without a doubt. While there are so many amazing neighbourhoods in Toronto, there’s just something about Queen West that makes it special. When you walk outside, there’s always something going on – cafes to have a coffee at, restaurants to try out, everything! And there are plenty of green spaces around to have a little break from the city.

Nature walk or pounding the pavement?
While I do love having the opportunity to be in the middle of the city, I’m much more of a nature guy myself. I really believe that humans are meant to spend most of our time in the natural world – that’s how we’re wired! Whenever I get the chance, I’m exploring parks and natural spaces outside of Toronto, and just enjoying the beautiful world we’ve been blessed with.

Any go-to spots for a bite and a coffee?
For sure! White Squirrel across from Bellwoods is probably one of my favourite places to grab a coffee while I’m on the go or enjoying a sunny day in the city. I’m vegan, so for a bite I love exploring the plant-based options in Toronto. One of my favourites is a staple of the Toronto vegan scene – Fresh. Seriously some of the best vegan food you’re going to find in the city!

Best parks in the city for a stroll?
Two come to mind that I’m always hanging out at – Trinity Bellwoods and High Park. These are two of my favourite ones in the city because of how expansive they are (especially High Park!). It just feels good to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city for a second and reconnect with the natural world.

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