Austrian Collector Ottocar J Buys His 80th Porsche For His 80th Birthday

If you could buy 80 of one thing, why not make it Porsches? For Ottocar J, an Austrian octogenarian, he is living that dream – and he’s just picked up his latest addition to his current 38 car collection: a Miami blue Boxster Spyder from the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen.

Ottocar J Porsche collection

Ottocar J Porsche Collection

The enthusiast has owned 80 different vehicles in the last 43 years, preferring to drive his beauties rather than just looking at them. “I can drive a different one every day for a month, and two at the weekends”, he told Porsche in an interview about his collection. After his first exposure on a racing track watching the cars fly past him on all sides, Ottocar saved up and bought his first 911 E in 1977. He doesn’t have a favourite but prefers the 981 Boxster Spyder.

His current collection includes racing cars too, such as a 993 911 Turbo S and a Type 997 911 GT2 RS. A Jagdwagen military vehicle is the star of the road cars, along with an early 356 Coupé with a bent windscreen, and then a few early 911 (we built our own once), 911 RS 2.7, and a row of 930 Turbo and Turbo-look models in the Coupé, Targa and Cabriolet variants, and a G-model Speedster.