8 Canadian Shops for Rare Luxury Vintage

The vintage clothing boom shows no signs of slowing down. While the second-hand market was pegged at $28bn USD in 2019, it’s expected to balloon to $64bn USD by 2024. Does that mean that it’s a foregone conclusion that you’ll be wearing musty, moth-bitten sweaters or oversized flannels in just a few years time? Thankfully, no. The second-hand luxury market has been popping off too, with consumers buying not only hard-to-find, pre-loved pieces but even branded hangers, boxes, and dust-bags. To get you started, we’ve rounded up a handful of Canada’s best vintage and consignment shops specializing in luxury labels and rare designer goods.

VSP (Toronto & Calgary)

The Dundas West staple has a robust men’s section, selling a wide range of designer pieces on consignment. VSP once even sold 800 pieces from the Schitt’s Creek set, including some sweaters from Dan Levy’s never-ending collection of knitwear.

FAULKNER (Vancouver)

Founded in 2017 by London ex-pat James Faulkner, Faulkner is the place to source vintage European and Japanese designer goods, as well as some high-end workwear.

I MISS YOU MAN (Toronto)

The men’s location of the Ossington Street stalwart stocks a varied range of brands, from Dior Homme to Comme des Garçons to Barbour. New items are released on Fridays at noon.

ROOM 312 (Vancouver)

Room 312 is a good place to find Japanese brands, like Visvim or Needles, on resale, while also picking up a pair of vintage Prada sneakers.

GARB (Toronto)

This consignment shop’s current stock leans a little more formal, selling Gucci suits and Hermes ties, among other items.

RUSE (Montréal)

Montréal is overflowing with vintage shops, but Ruse is where to go if you’re after rare pieces from big-name designers. Its robust selection of luggage, from Prada cross-body bags to Louis Vuitton carry-alls, is particularly impressive.


Since 2009, Fashionably Yours has stocked a far-reaching list of labels including the likes of Moncler and Jil Sander.

Lead image: Kyre Song via Unsplash